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SpiderPLC – Programming in the browser as the THIRD PROGRAMMING LEVEL.

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SpiderPLC offers the purely browser-based programming of function plan (FUPLA) and Web HMIs.
This functionality is becoming increasingly important for the implementation of IoT Devices, because programming such systems usually requires three levels:

The first level comprises the basic functions of the device: OS, network, display, driver and middleware. This part of the firmware is almost always implemented in C/C++.

The 2nd level is the application level. Here, control and control functions of the industrial application are programmed. The implementation is either coded in C/C++ or frequently in IEC61131.

The 3rd level is the field level. I4.0 and IoT are increasingly demanding for simple programming at commissioning. The use of existing IEC61131 tools is usually difficult in this environment.: they are to complex for commissioning engioneers in terms of scope and function. A browser-based programming tool is required which encapsulates the relevant functions for commissioning in function blocks and, together with simple logic gates, provides the link to the I/O´s. Also debugging and simple visualization goes best with the browser. This is exactly what SpiderPLC offers: the desired encapsulation is configurable by the application developer, and the application developer can provide all necessary programming functions to the field engineer.