Full Scale SCADA on “On Premise” Server and Cloud 


The SpiderControl SCADA Server is consistently designed for modularity and portability. For this reason, our system can also be used to build very large control systems that run on Windows, Linux or as Docker components.


This allows the implementation of very large control systems, e.g.
  • 160 PLC, 70’000 data points, SQL database (assembly line production of serial vehicles)
  • 2500 PLC (LSS-CH, Schweizerische Bundesbahnen)

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“Large” and “Very large” 

Single Process SCADA (ST30 and ST35 licenses)

The SCADA server is designed in such a way that on the one hand the internal processes (web server frontent, worker processes, variable list management, logger, …) are distributed as far as possible on own tasks, in order to use the resources of the (multi) CPU optimally. Likewise the driver update processes are divided on individual tasks, so that a single driver cannot block the server.



Super SCADA (ST40 licenses)

If this is no longer sufficient, our SuperSCADA architecture ensures a dynamic distribution to distributed processes (driver farm), which can also be physically distributed on several computers. This architecture allows the connection of very large stocks of controllers. It is not necessary to create a special configuration for this. Projects and driver configurations that have been programmed for a Single Process SCADA can also be delivered to a SuperSCADA in an identical way; the process allocation is done automatically.





The SpiderControl SCADA Server is available as a virtualized software component in the cloud or also as an app in the Phoenix PLCnext, Bosch ctrlX or Flecs stores. Virtualization allows easy installation of software on modern PLC platforms on the one hand, but also dynamic allocation of SCADA functions in the cloud on the other.




For integration in a cloud solution, the virtualized SCADA server can be ideally combined with other components.

As a Docker component, the SCADA Server can be dynamically deployed and operated as part of a digital twin, for example.
See here the concept of the company Herrenknecht, which uses our SCADA Docker component.


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