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The available amount of memory (RAM) for a Java applet is limited in newer Java plug-in versions. This limit can be changed in the "Java Control Panel".

  1. Select Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Java on your web browser client PC
  2. Go to the "Java" tab,
  3. Click "View"

Change the "Java Runtime parameter" to -Xmx128m as shown in the lower picture:

The situation is as follows: After "Load Info" has been clicked, the "Offline Trend Macro" permanently shows "Busy loading Info ...":

Verify that the Trend configuration exists on your PLC file system (Hard Disk / WWW / SpiderAlrTrd \ Config \ TrdCfg.csv).
If the file TrdCfg.csv is missing, please use the menu Project -> Configuration Alarming / Trending Server -> Trending Configuration ....

This warning appears when you use macros in a project, but you do not have the repective option activated.
This can also lead to problems if you want to give your project to someone else who is working on it or you want to access it from another PC.
For this reason, the option "Save macros in the project" has to be activated in the menu Project -> Project Settings -> Build Advanced.

Since it is only a warning, you can simply use the "Cancel" button. The warning should then no longer appear.

CoDeSys MicroBrowser

The following messages are frequently asked for the MicroBrowser CoDeSys.

The following solution helps in most cases: Open the VisualizationManager of the CoDeSys 3 Editor and select the "Settings" section. Confirm the checkbox "Show all versions (only for experts)". Then select the style "Standard, (3G-Smart Software Solution GmbH)".

This usually has one of the following two causes:

- Older versions of the MicroBrowser CoDeSys (before version do not support the "compressed webvisu" option.
- Certain CoDeSys PLCs are case sensitive. Older versions of the MicroBrowser CoDeSys search for the entry page under the name "PLC_VISU.xml" in capital letters, but the file on the webserver is called "plc_visu.xml".

Workaround: Modify the file "webvisu.htm" on your SPSC and change this line:

<param name=“STARTVISU“ value=“PLC_VISU“>
<param name=“STARTVISU“ value=“plc_visu“>

Normally, arrays in the applet of the CoDeSys Webvisu do not work at all. However, this is possible with the iniNet MicroBrowser if the indexed elements of the array are explicitly in the HMI, otherwise the address can not be resolved at runtime..

".g_afb_GF [.g_index] .i_bo_configured" is an indexed variant of an array, which can be read and written by the MicroBrowser. However, in the build project, you must know which indices of the array are to be displayed at runtime, and these elements must be explicitly referenced in the project somewhere:
".g_afb_GF [6] .i_bo_Configured" (e.g., in a hidden text-field).



iniNet SpiderControl Wiki

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