Windows PC, Linux, Android       

SCADA (control system) on PC

Your benefit:

  • Programming of HTML5 Web-Visu with the SpiderControl PC HMI-Editor
  • SpiderControl SCADA Server on the PC
  • HTML5 Visu resides on the SCADA server of the PLC, the SCADA server can display variables from other, remote PLCs
  • Superscalar server architecture for multi-CPU and virtualization
  • Large projects up to 100 k+ data points (PPO’s) and n*100 PLC possible
  • Communication between SCADA and connected PLCs via OPC UA and many other drivers
  • Connection to database
  • Connection of Node-JS, PHP, .NET, etc.
  • Extension of native user DLL: extension of the web server with own logic.

What you need:

  • SpiderControl PC HMI-Editor for SCADA
  • SpiderControl SCADA Server on PC



Download SCADA server Windows

Download SCADA server Android

Server for many PLCs available





The following drivers are supported:


Protocol Description 
Web-Server cgi-bin ILR Communication Uses the cgi-bin services of the embedded web server on the PLC

Works between SpiderControl web and SCADA servers as well as with PLCs supporting our protocol

(SAIA, Phoenix, Wago…)

Modbus Driver RTU over RS232 Modbus Seriell
Modbus over TCP/IP Modbus over TCP/IP
S7 ISO-TCP Ethernet Siemens standard protocol for DB access via addresses. S7300/400/1200/1500, Logo, Sinumerik, and many more.
CoDeSys WebVisu V2.x (Wago, ABB,….) Uses the web services of CODESYS Webvisu and uses the SDB file as varlist. Works with all PLCs that implement CODESYS V2.3 Webvisu.
OPC DA (Old Fashioned OLE) Old OPC version (runs only on Windows)
KW Protocol over TCP / IP All KW compatible PLCs like Phoenix ILC, Schleicher, Baumüller and many more
KW Protocol over COM KW Seriell
Beckhoff Standard ADS (IE61131 Variables) ADS local driver
Beckhoff Remote ADS (IEC61131 Variables) Access via ADS to remote PLC, requires correct route
Web-Server cgi-bin WAGO Communication (SpiderControl WAGO) Works on Wago 750-8xx via flag word access, no symbolic variables
OPC UA Polling, Subscribe, Authentication and Encryption, Complex Structures, Variable Lists Import
GDP (Global Drive Protocol) Access to drivers from Baum