The mission statement of SpiderControl : Web Engineering for Industry 4.0


Everything runs in the browser – that has always been our concept!
At the beginning – the visualization:
  • 1. SpiderControl can program HTML5 pages directly on the embedded Web server of a PLC.
  • 2. You can also design a SCADA (control system) with SpiderControl .
The next step – programming:
  •  3. You can use the browser not only as a display client, but also as a programming tool.



1. Visualization 

SpiderControl is a comprehensive framework for web control in automation.

With SpiderControl you can program HTML5 visualizations directly for an embedded web server on the PLC. This approach offers the most cost-effective solution in every aspect: it does not require any additional hardware and the maintenance of the software is greatly simplified because everything is stored on the same system. If the same HTML5 HMI is also to be displayed on cost-effective and robust industrial panels, there are a number of manufacturers who offer devices with the SpiderControl  MicroBrowser off the shelf. This results in further savings in hardware costs. For serial products, there is no alternative to SpiderControl .




2. Supervisory visualization 

For more complex solutions, you often need data from several controllers, which are to be displayed together on one page. You need an overview of all alarms that have occurred on different controllers. Trend and alarm data are also to be archived in long term. SpiderControl  provides an extremely adaptable framework to meet these tasks on the most varied computer platforms and operating systems. HMI (and even more) developed for operation on a PLC can be inherited and transferred to the SCADA level. This flexibility results in a higher efficiency!

For many years, iniNet Solutions has been successful in the OEM business and has established itself in the market. Numerous market-leading OEM manufacturers – from a wide range of industries – trust in SpiderControl . Users from industry or automation also confidence on this innovative system solution and profit from transparent, predictable software and hardware costs!
Based on the high presence on the market, the Swiss company offers high-quality products and services in the area of web visualization at attractive prices, together with a technology that provides long-term availability.




3. Programming: Use SpiderControl to program the IoT with the browser and much more!

Modern automation components should be programmed, configured and operated exclusively via standard web browsers. In the age of IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0, PC-based tools are no longer up-to-date. However, the development of such a software solution – based on an embedded system – is highly complex and expensive, since it consists of different parts, programming languages and frameworks. iniNet Solutions already has the right answer: The SpiderControl Web-HMI kit allows browser-based programming.

Especially exciting: The combination of the very powerful SpiderControl SCADA server with SpiderPLC opens up completely new possibilities: Calling of high-level language functions from NodeJS, NodeRED, Python, PHP or .NET from function blocks, which can get their variables directly from the SCADA server and write back the results. Edge Computing, IoT and I4.0 will be easy. 

With a modular kit for programming, configuring and operating via web servers, iniNet Solutions is one of the technology leaders in this field.





With SpiderControl always on the pulse of time!

Benefit from transparent, predictable software and hardware costs. For more information, contact us.