Do you want a web HMI – on a PLC, control system or panel – for a new plant, machine or building application?

In this case, the modular SpiderControl system is the right choice for you!


SpiderControl is able to do everything:
  • Web HMI directly on the embedded web server of the PLC
  • SCADA (control system) on any operating system and hardware
  • Small SCADA solutions on PLC, Raspberry Pi, panel or embedded computer
  • Large SCADA (> 100 PLC, 100 k variables) on Windows, Linux and in the cloud


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The technology & advantages of SpiderControl

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HMI development: Less effort through standardization

What possibilities are there to significantly reduce the development effort and to develop the work from the kind of a “software manufactory for single pieces” to an industrial process? Which aspects have to be considered?


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SpiderControl PC HMI-Editor

Powerful graphical programming tool for creating HTML5 web HMIs for automation – no Java Script programming required.

Your benefit:

  • Use of SVG, integrated library for automation
  • Standard HMI objects, such as edit field, bar graph, rectangle, lines, graphics, drop-down, lists, etc.
  • Macro library with many complex objects, extension with own macros by the user, own macros with own config dialogs
  • OO macros: filtering and assignment of structure instances instead of many individual variables
  • Historical trend and alarm logging
  • Fluid and responsive design
  • Templates with indexed addressing of PPO’s (placeholder variables)
  • Code Generator: Create a complete HMI from your own macros with an Excel script
  • HTML5 can be extended with external functions
  • MicroBrowser for low-cost panels, i.e. minimal performance and memory footprint
  • Each panel can be a client: Extremely robust, deterministic memory management


Here you can find our Web-HMI Short Sample Tour:

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Learn about the many features of SpiderControl.

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