SpiderControl offers a tool for all requirements in the HMI environment: We standardize HMI development and integrate all associated tasks, so that the customer can reduce the engineering effort in the project business, improve his profitability and concentrate on his core competence for the control of a machine or plant.

Combining PLC, Drive and SCADA as virtualized Docker Components to run on an Edge Device or in the Cloud This showcase is a cooperation between Baumüller, Flecs and iniNet and illustrates how easy it is to both install powerful software on a drive plc as well as to implement a digital twin in the cloud by using just exactly the same components.

SpiderControl HTML5 Web-HMI Overview
SpiderControl HTML5 Web HMI: This video shows an overview of the advantages and many possibilities of SpiderConrol technology. SpiderControl is not just a Web HMI, but a comprehensive toolkit for visualization, SCADA and programming with the browser.

WAGO WebVisu-App
The WAGO WebVisu app is used to operate and monitor automation processes. It supports the monitoring of a wide variety of applications in industrial and building automation, among others. This app is developed by iniNet and is based on SpiderControl MicroBrowser and AutomationBrowser technology.

SCADA on PLCs / PLC-Appstores

Bosch ctrlX
The 'SpiderControl I4.0 Integration Suite' is a comprehensive tool chain which enables automation professionals with a PLC and SCADA background to develop I4.0 and IIoT solutions by easy means. Find it in the Bosch Appstore. This video shows you all the advantages of SpiderControl HMI technology.


PLCnext Webserver for WebVisit & SpiderControl HMI
The SpiderControl Web-Server allows for using your existing WebVisit HMI's on the PLCnext platform (or design new HTML5 HMI with WebVisit). It supports all features and is fully compatible with the Web-Server used on older ILC and AXC PLC's. The server is accessible on TCP port 8080, you can directly use the variable names which are defined in IEC61131, no OPC UA specific prefixes needed. The later firmware versions REQUIRE an OPC UA port authentication: You need to copy a file called 'ua_auth.xml' containing the credentials as described in our Application Note.


SCADA Server on Wago PFC200 with CODESYS V2
SpiderControl SCADA Server: Shows the installation on the 750-8202 and the configuration for use with variables from the local runtime as well as with an external S7-1200. In addition, a webvisu is imported from a 750-871 and integrated as HTML into the SCADA HMI.

Design HTML5 SCADA on RaspberryPI with SpiderControl
HTML5 SCADA Server on Raspberry PI The SpiderControl SCADA Server is now also available on Raspian! Design your HTML5 UI with a powerful grafical editor. Connect to almost any PLC with integrated drivers for ISO-on-TCP, Modbus or OPC UA. This allows SpiderControl to be used on most operating systems: Win7 / 8/10, WinCE / WEC, Linux, Raspian, Android, etc. Combined with compact industrial processors, you can build a very cost-efficient and robust SCADA system: e.g. with an industrial Raspberry, a cap rail PC (without HD) or a Linux Operator Panel.


AutomationBrowser: Combining URL's to HTTP along with VNC
The SpiderControl AutomationBrowser allows for a seamless navigation from a HTML5 Webvisu on a PLC to a legacy HMI which comes from a VNC remote desktop server, allowing for forming an ubiquitous navigation between different HMI sources.

AutomationBrowser with progr. logic to jump, block touch and switch backlight
The SpiderControl AutomationBrowser can be programmed with an integrated functional block logic to force a jump to a specific URL, to block the touch screen or to switch on/off the back light. The integrated SpiderPLC can be programmed with any standard Browser and connects to external PLC using standard protocols like OPC UA, Modbus, ISO-on-TCP and more. Like this, a Web-Panel can be used to display several Web-HMI's, but still be controlled by a connected PLC.

AutomationBrowser with seamless navigation from PLC to camera
The SpiderControl AutomationBrowser allows for a seamless navigation from a HTML5 Webvisu on a PLC to a web-cam which is linked directly with its H264 / rtsp:// URL (which is supported by almost any webcam). A fully customized user interface in the control panel offers the option of providing a self-contained, consistent operation.

CODESYS V2.x Webvisu conversion to HTML5

CODESYS V2.x Webvisu conversion to HTML5
CODESYS Webvisu V2.3 still uses Java applets, which are no longer supported in the new browsers. The new SpiderControl HMI Editor now for the first time offers the possibility to convert this HMI to HTML5 and to play it back on the existing PLC. This also works as a retrofit, e.g. on older Wago PLCs such as the 750-881 (also 871 and older models). You can make old controls fit again and solve the applet problem once and for all!

WebVisu Retrofit: Conversion from old Webvisu to modern HTML5
Investment protection: SpiderControl offers the conversion of old Web Visus to a modern HTML5 vector graphics HMI as a service at a fixed price. Included on request also a graphical modernization of the design.

CODESYS Webvisu conversion in SpiderControl SCADA.

I4.0 and BDE

I4.0 Integration Suite: IIoT / I4.0 for PLC programmers and SCADA users
Digitalization means: eliminating manual labor between IT and OT.I4.0 needs a tool - that speaks the language of automation. I.e. can be programmed like a PLC and the visualization to it. - that already knows the data points on the PLCs - with which you can communicate with the interfaces of the IT people and the cloud - where you can integrate the APIs and interface functions that the IT people make available - which gives you the opportunity to connect modern scripting languages such as NodeJS, Python, PHP and C # and their libraries - which controls and logs all involved procedures, calls and processes, so that one can understand when and where something is not working. With such a software, the automation professionals could do the whole I4.0 and IIoT development themselves. The 'I4.0 Integration Suite' is that tool!

I4.0 Integration Suite: The technical details
The SpiderControl SCADA Server includes all common drivers for communication with the control plane and operation via a standard HTML5 browser. The SpiderControl HMI Editor allows easy design of HTML5 user interfaces, which are used for all UI tasks: SCADA control system, operator panels for on-site operation, remote browser access and visualization of KPI's, alarm lists and trends. The SpiderPLC and the I4.0 Integration Library: The SpiderPLC allows programming of function plans directly from an HTML5 browser. The I4.0 Integration Library contains a large number of function blocks that can be used to implement the described tasks very easily: Communication with REST API's, MQTT, http, screen dumps, create PDFs, send emails, FTP transfer, string manipulation, copy files. CSV variable file reading and writing, logging, creating and editing variable namespaces, calling and monitoring external processes, etc. These function blocks are now directly linked to the process variables.

Do you still record production data manually in your company? Hand on heart: In most production companies, this is still the case. We would like to make you an offer: With our solution, you can digitize an existing plant with all its 'legacy' data step by step at really low entry costs. Where the control technology allows it, the acquisition is automated, and if that is not possible, the data is acquired via a tablet or a browser and stored in a modern database. With this approach, the transformation to digitalization can be accomplished step by step. With our revolutionary SpiderControl I4.0 Integration Suite, you can program the upcoming enhancements with your existing developer crew, because it's so easy to use. Are you curious? In 5 minutes you will know more!

Industry 4.0 as easy as HMI Design
I4.0 Integration Suite on the RaspberryPI / PiXtend: Recording Live Workshop from 10/14-21.
SpiderControl I4.0 Integration Suite is a comprehensive low-code tool for developing solutions to integrate from OT to IT. It consists of a powerful SCADA server and a simple browser-based FBD programming tool and is targeted at programmers from the PLC sector.

SpiderPLC - Industry 4.0 off the shelf - Presentation SPS Forum 2019
Presentation by Peter Brügger (iniNet Solutions GmbH) at the Forum in Hall 10 at SPS 2019 in Nuremberg.
SpiderPLC consists of a SCADA plus FUPLA programming. Function blocks can directly call script functions from NodeJS, NodeRED, Python, PHP or .NET. Automation is simply connected to IT.

Fieldware - How the IoT is programmed!
Presentation at Automation Engineering Software Congress 2019.

SpiderPLC in Automation

SpiderPLC - Automation Programming With Browser Only
SpiderPLC - Programming an ESA EW107AC all inclusive HMI and IO Panel with nothing than an HTML5 Browser. Automation as easy as it gets.

On Raspberry PI
Read from PLC, call Python, write result to another PLC using SpiderControl

Beckhoff PLC writes to NodeRED and MQTT
With SpiderPLC/SCADA.

NodeJS with PLCs
Edge Computing inside SCADA calls JS functions.

Python with PLCs 

Edge Computing inside SCADA calls Python functions.

SpiderControl SCADA
Uses SpiderPLC

SpiderPLC for micro controller

You have never seen microcontroller programming like this before!
uC programming requires complex tools and highly skilled engineers. How about building an embedded system that can be programmed by your customers? With a simple programming tool that contains only the functions you need? The tool would run in the browser? In your corporate design? Connect it via USB? Then take a look at this: The SpiderPLC for MicroControllers allows you to program logic and simple user interface with a very simple browser interface The programming tool contains only what your customers need, it is customized to your specific product. Programming the MicroController is a matter of minutes. It requires less than 256 kB of Flash and RAM.

SpiderControl WebHMI: Dashboard editable directly in the browser

Simple example
This simple example shows how to create a SpiderControl project with the PC HMI Editor, which includes a dashboard. This dashboard can be modified by a user of the HMI via browser in the WebHMI Editor.

Example: User dashboard embedded in firmware HMI
This video shows an example of SpiderPLC and SpiderControl HTML5 WebHMI. The firmware HMI is created on the PC using SpiderControl. The user can modify a set of dashboards online in the browser using the seamlessly integrated web HMI editor.

Code Generator

Automatic: HTML5 HMI from Excel Using Code Generator
Generate an HTML5 industrial HMI from an Excel Sheet automatically by using SpiderControl (SCADA including SpiderPLC) as Code Generator via the Web-API. Then Import the HMI in the PC based Editor and Modify at will. Create your own HMI objects to be used by the generator.

SpiderControl SCADA Server Tutorial: Excel Sheet reads variables from SCADA/PLC and fills out form by calling a Basic script that reads all indicated PPO variables.