Why SpiderControl?

SpiderControl shortly explained
The technology & benefit by SpiderControl

Peter Brügger, CEO by iniNet Solutions, explains the benefits of SpiderControl in just 11 minutes.

SpiderControl HMI with current features 

This video shows which functions are possible using the SpiderControl HMI.

SpiderPLC Intro

Spider Web-HMI

For very simple tasks:
Sometimes you want to represent only a few of information by a PLC, without having to buy, install, maintain, and learn a complex tool. The SpiderControlTM Web-HMI Editor will set a new standard here. All it takes is the corresponding Web-Server on the PLC - and a common HTML5 capable browser on tablet or PC.


Spider PLC (Functional Block Description) to program a controller with simplified IEC61131 only with a HTML5 browser.

Try it

Also have a look at the Web-Editor in the Azure cloud.

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Spider PLC for MicroController

What if you would like to build an embedded system that can be programmed by your customers? With a simple programming tool which contains only the very functions that you need? The tool would run in the Browser? In your corporate design? Connect it via USB? Then take a look at our video.


I4.0 Integration Suite

Fieldware – Programming the IoT!

In this video you can see the presentation of Peter Brügger at the Automation Software Congress 2019.

SpiderPLC - Industry 4.0 off the shelf

Lecture by Peter Brügger at SPS Forum 2019.

Calling Python functions 

In this video we show you how the SpiderControlTM SCADA server obtains the data from a PLC, process it with a Python function and then transfers it back to the S7-1200 PLC.

Calling Java Script functions 

In this video, we will show you how to add your own Java Script code and connect it to higher-level systems (Cloud, It, etc.).

Read from 1st PLC, write to 2nd PLC  

In this video we show you how the SpiderPLC integrated in SCADA can read from the first PLC and write to the second PLC. A simple example of how fast an FUP control function can be implemented in SCADA.

Beckhoff PLC writes to NodesRED and MQTT using SpiderPLC / SCADA  

This video shows how to install SpiderPLC / SCADA, NodeJS, NodeRED and Mosquitto MQTT Broker on a Beckhoff PLC and how to design a simple functional block program with SpiderPLC to publish variables to MQTT.

On Raspberry PI: Read from PLC, call Python, write result to another PLC using SpiderControl

SpiderControl SCADA uses integrated SpiderPLC to read from 1. PLC and write to second PLC. This is a simple example how a SCADA can implement control functions. The programming is done simply by the Browser-UI.

Design Automation with Excel

Read Excel reports from SCADA by a click     

This video shows how Excel can read variables from SCADA/PLC and use a Basic Script to fill out forms.

Automatic: HTML5 HMI from Excel Using Code Generator 

This video shows how to generate an HTML5 indsutrial HMI from an Excel Sheet automatically by using SpiderControl as Code Generator via the Web-API.

Other videos

Web-HMI in browser
HMIs in different MicroBrowsers
Nano-Browser in use
SpiderControl in use

In this video, we will show you various MicroBrowser and HTML5 clients on SpiderControlTM  and CoDeSys Web-Visu HMIs, as well as the combination of this HMI with a 3rd party widget (cube).

Example for SpiderPLC and SpiderControlTM HTML5 Web-HMI

In this video you can see a specific application sample.

SpiderControlTM HTML5 combined with 3rd party widgets

In this video, we will show you a customer project in which SpiderControlTM HMIs were combined with their own code, 3rd party widgets and a database.

Offer for retrofit

In this video you can see the conversion from an old web visualization to modern HTML5.

Responsive Design

HTML5 HMI designed with SpiderControlTM 

HTML5 HMI designed with SpiderControlTM with fluid / and responsive design features.

Click here for the tutorial.