The MicroBrowser provides high-performance, cost-effective visualization solutions!

Web visualizations need a lot of memory and performance? Not with the MicroBrowser!

The MicroBrowser is available as a web client for any operating system – from Android, Linux to the latest Microsoft Windows version. It is particularly powerful on micro-controller architectures such as the Cortex M3 / M4 /M7 family, enabling cost-effective and robust panel solutions. But it is also ideally suited as an OEM component for integration into a customer application or as the basis for an OEM app.

The MicroBrowser supports only SpiderControl and CODESYS (V2.3 and V3.5) HMIs. It is based on reverse engineering of these tools and does not support genersich HTML5. It is written in C including all libraries and can therefore be run on bare-metal HW with low space requirements.


Great performance for a small price!

Don’t waste your money on expensive hardware. SpiderControl will design industrial HTML5 HMI’s that run identically on a low cost Microcontroller based operator panel. That’s a lot of money saved along with better robustness.



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The best of 2 worlds!

The SpiderControl HMI system thus offers you a unique advantage over all other web HMI’s:

  1. HTML5 standard without any limitation
  2. Low cost clients everywhere where HTML5 is not running