iniNet Solutions GmbH has specialized in visualization with web technologies for more than a decade.

With a modular kit for programming, configuring and operating via web servers, iniNet Solutions GmbH is one of the technology leaders in this field. The Swiss company has been successfully active in the OEM business for many years and has been able to establish itself on the market.

Numerous market-leading OEM manufacturers - from a wide range of industries - trust in SpiderControlTM .  
iniNet customers benefit worldwide from: lower engineering costs together with reducing hardware costs.

Convince yourself! 

SpiderControl shortly explained!

Peter Brügger, CEO by iniNet Solutions, explains the benefits of SpiderControl in just 11 minutes. And what makes this technology so unique. Please, take just a few minutes and convince yourself of this innovative software solution.
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Did you know?

With the innovative system solution from iniNet Solutions, customers can also use tablets or smartphones for programming. In addition, it doesn´t matter which operating system is in use because the HTML5 code works under Linux, macOS or other systems perfectly. SpiderControl offers the possibility, that customers no longer have to install software on their PC. This will be save a lot of money and time. Users also haven´t obsolete or incorrect software versions in the field. Everything which is needed, can be locally stored on the devices or accessed via portal.
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