SpiderControl is more than just a tool for visualization or programming!

Find the right SpiderControl solution for your task. 

SpiderControl offers:
  • Visualization directly from the PLC
  • Visualization on an embedded system
  • Visualization as a control system (SCADA)
  • Extension of the SCADA server with the own driver
  • Programming and visualization possibilities in the browser
  • Secure access to data in the cloud etc.



Do you want to design a web HMI – on a PLC, a control system or panel – for a new plant, machine or building application?

The modular SpiderControl system offers the right solution for every application.





Do you also have a CoDeSys Web Visu in use and problems with the Java applet?

Then the SpiderControl MicroBrowser is the right choice on a PC, a panel or as an App.




The MicroBrowser offers the best price / performance ratio for your panel solution. Maybe you have a CoDeSys Web-Visu or already SpiderControl in use?

The modular SpiderControl framework allows to implement your individual automation solution easily and efficiently.
Even after many years of operation, your plants and machines can be expanded flexibly and adjusted to current conditions.




Do you want to produce your own electronics with web technology functionalities? 

Then the SpiderControl  embedded Web Server and Web HMI Editor is the right solution. SpiderControl  can be run on Windows, Linux as well as embedded microcontrollers. SpiderControl runs almost anywhere!




Do you want to capture data, securely store it in a cloud, and easily remote-access your system?

SpiderControl  provides the VPI technology, which makes remote access simpler, safer and brings data without additional hardware into the cloud as well as back again. In addition, worldwide access via tablet or smartphone is possible around the clock.





Do you want to program a PLC easily?

Then just use the browser to program, visualize and control. Spider PLC is ‘functional block description’ (FBD) programming in the browser, Spider Web-HMI allows drawing user-interfaces in the browser. The result will run in every HTML5 browser, smartphone or tablet.





Would you like to combine your PLC with high-level language programming? Is Edge Computing your topic?

Automation technology must be intelligently networked. In addition to the data, intelligent functions are also needed for their selection and preprocessing.

  • Data must be stored in a SQL DB
  • Production data must be analyzed in real time. This requires sophisticated math: FFT, matrices, neural networks, detecting anomalies, etc.
  • Information from the Web should be transferred to the PLC. Weather data, optimized parameters, production planning, etc.
  • Energy management is to be integrated into an existing automation infrastructure, etc.

The combination of the SpiderControl SCADA server with SpiderPLC and its connection to high-level language functions make it possible to solve such tasks in no time.




Are you looking for a customer-specific solution?

SpiderControl is a comprehensive framework. The proven software solutions have been used for many years by many well-known PLC, control, panel or drive manufacturers worldwide. Besides the long-term availability, the broad service portfolio of iniNet Solutions also plays an important role. The iniNet development team also offers individual developments for customer-specific requirements.



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