The innovative AutomationBrowser is submitted for patent application!

What does the AutomationBrowser offer?
  • Combines Chromium and MicroBrowser (like the Wago App), thus also compatible with applets from CODESYS V2.3,
    Phoenix Webvisit, SAIA S-Web-Editor, Samson and many more
  • Has station lists, thus access to several PLCs possible
  • On-screen keyboard can be activated by the user at any time (via floating button)
  • Possibility to return from PLC to station list (also in kiosk mode)
  • Supports not only http URL’s, but also VNC (remote desktop) and RTSP (video streaming)
  • Configuration changes can be locked for end users
  • Many other features which are important for automation



Available for Windows 10 / 11, Android & Linux



to youtube film: Combination with cameras

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