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Functional combi against cost pressure!

In the world of industrial automation technology, machine manufacturers are often faced with the challenge of developing high-quality, high-performance human-machine interface (HMI) operator panels, while at the same time the cost pressure has been increasing. … Read more!

Reduced engineering effort in the project business

Users standardize their HMI development with the iniNet tool. The Editor 8 includes new functionalities and …Read more!

Tool for CODESYS Web Visu Conversion

iniNet offers the CODESYS-Converter PC HMI Editor for the conversion of Java applets in CODESYS Web-Visualization V 2.3 …Read more!

How to… Convert CODESYS-Web-Visu

The Web-Visu of the older, but still common CODESYS- Version 2.3 uses Java applets, which are no longer supported by the currently common browsers… Read more!

iniNet offers CODESYS-Web-Visu conversion

Since CODESYS-Web-Visualization V2.3 still uses Java applets, it is no longer supported by today´s common browsers. iniNet Solutions therefore now offers an editor… Read more!

Raspberry Pi as SCADA server with HTML5

Using Raspberry Pi as basis for a SCADA web server, common industrial communication protocols such as OPC UA, ISO-on-TCP and Modbus TCP can be supported… Read more!

IoT easy to implement

The biggest challenge to implement Industry 4.0 in your own company… Read more!

Combination of automation and IT

iniNet Solutions has developed an automation architecture based on web server-supported SCADA… Read more!

Industry 4.0 “off the shelf”

iniNet Solutions has developed an automation architecture based on web server-supported SCADA… Read more!

Software for Edge Computing, IoT and Industry 4.0

SpiderControl is a module from the SpiderControl…Read more!

HMI-Editor for Simatic S7

In addition to extensive SVG symbol graphics, libraries… Read more!

Web HMIs – solved many problems

Web-based HMIs offer many advantages and can be stored directly on controllers…. Read more!

HMI-Editor for Simatic S7

The Web-HMI-Editor SpiderControl is now also available for the integrated Web-Server…. Read more!

“Fieldware: How to program IoT”

Fieldware refers to the part of a software solution used during installation…. Read more!

“For IoT devices more important than ever”

Programming, configuration and operation via web server…. Read more!

Engineering Tool on Bo(a)rd

Program PLCs with the Web browser… Read more! 

PLC programming with the browser

A PLC can communicate via locally connected I/Os as well as control…. Read more!

Use the Web browser to programm PLCs

As before, it took PCs or tablets for the programming of PLCs with the engineering tool – that was appropriate for version and project. Now, iniNet Solutions offers an alternative way….. Read more! 

HMI-kit based on Raspberry

A new automation hardware based on the Raspberry reference design has… Read more! 

Programming in the browser

The company iniNet has integrated further functions into its Web-HMI Editor. What advantage does this integration have? Read more!


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