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Technical structure I4.0 Integration Suite!

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Our solution consists of a powerful SCADA server and a simple browser-based FBD programming tool and is targeted at programmers from the PLC sector.

The SCADA server includes all common drivers for communication with the control plane and operation via a standard HTML5 browser.

The associated HMI editor allows easy design of HTML5 user interfaces, which can be used for all UI tasks: SCADA control system, operator panels for on-site operation, remote browser access and visualizations of KPI’s, alarm lists or trends.

The I4.0 Integration Library contains a large number of function blocks that can be used to implement the described tasks very easily: Communication with SQL databases, REST API’s, MQTT, http, screen dumps, creating PDFs, sending emails, FTP transfer, string manipulation, copying files, reading and writing CSV variable files, logging, creating and editing variable namespaces, calling and monitoring external processes, etc. These function modules are now directly connected to the process variables.

The SpiderPLC starts and monitors script engines, such as NodeJS and Python, so that own scripts can be integrated and called via a function module.

Further product information can be found here.