SpiderControl SCADA Editor for Beckhoff


SpiderControl can be used on all Beckhoff controllers (with any OS) (CX, C, CP,…). For this purpose, the Spider web server is installed on the PLC. With the Spider HMI Editor for Beckhoff, variable lists can be imported from TwinCAT, the HMI drawn and transferred directly to the PLC. This means that the PLC can be operated with any HTML5-capable browser. SpiderControl works with TwinCAT 2 as well as TwinCAT 3.

In addition, the Spider MicroBrowser can be installed on the controller and the PLC can be used as a client at the same time, such as on panels of the CP series or a PLC with DVI connection.

The new TwinCAT/BSD OS is also already supported.

This means that – with a single tool – any desired requirement on the subject of “HMI on Beckhoff hardware” can be solved in a performant manner!


SpiderControl SCADA Editor Extended Edition Editor for Beckhoff 

The Spider Editor has been specially adapted for the design of HTML5 HMIs on Beckhoff controllers.
The editor can directly import the variable lists (TPY files) from TwinCAT 2 or 3. Projects can be simulated locally and transferred to the PLC using the integrated FTP or HTTP client, enabling an efficient design flow. The tool can also configure the trend and alarm logger integrated in the Spider web server.

SpiderControl has extensive HMI macros for displaying trends, alarm lists and recipes, as well as other functions. In addition to the common graphic formats, SVG graphics are also supported, the properties of which can be influenced directly in the editor (rotation, detailed coloring, semi-transparency, and much more). The tool allows preselecting different graphic styles, which can be used for the objects. Of course, SVG graphics can also be imported directly from common tools, such as Adobe Illustrator, making it easy to implement your own design. But that’s not all: the user can develop his own macro library and thus significantly increase the productivity of the projects. Macros can be equipped with their own configuration dialogs (which are also drawn with SpiderControl), so that complex functions can be parameterized very easily. The macro then does not have to be linked to many individual variables, but can also be linked directly to the instance of a specific structure type. In this case, the variable list browser filters out the suitable objects and displays only these for selection.

This makes SpiderControl highly interesting for users who repeatedly implement similar projects and want to implement an ‘in-house’ standard in order to be able to program faster and reduce sources of error. In this context, it is also important that the HMI developed for a Beckhoff PLC can be easily ported to any other PLC platform or vice versa. If a company develops its own electronics, the same HMI can also be used on this target system by integrating the Spider embedded web server.



Product overview Web server


Product Description BACnet Web-HMI Editor OS PLC License category
embedded Web server Installed directly on the PLC and allows access to all variables from TwinCAT
7011,1 Specially optimized for low RAM requirements WinCE/WEC7 CX8090 ST1
7010,1 Incl. trend/alarm logger WinCE/WEC7 Alle CX and C ST1
7010,5 Additional with Web-HMI Editor: HMI can be edited directly from PLC in browser x Win7/8/10, FreeBSD CX with x86 ST6
SCADA (Control system) Access to all local TwinCAT variables (unlimited) as well as via external drivers 
7111,5 Up tp 3 drivers, max 500 data points (PPO) x x Win7/8/10 CX with X86 ST11
7121,5 Up to 3 drivers, max 2000 data points (PPO) x x Win7/8/10 CX with X86 ST21
7131,5 Up to 3 drivers, unlimited data points (PPO) x x Win7/8/10 CX with X86 ST31
SCADA Server Drivers
HTTP cgi-bin (SpiderControl)
HTTP CoDeSys Webvisu V2.x
KW Protocol TCP
Beckhoff ADS (local Access)
Beckhoff BACnet w/ADS (local)
SQL DataBase via PHP
Virtual Driver for redundant configurations



Spider Web server


Entry solution 

You only need to install the corresponding web server on the CX and purchase the Spider Editor (for PC) one-time. You can use this Editor to implement as many devices and projects as you like.

It’s even easier with the Spider Web-HMI Editor: If you only have simple HMI requirements, then don’t program with PC tools, but right away with the browser. The Spider Web-HMI Editor is integrated directly in the embededd web server (see options). This means: Web visualization with minimal investment in development tools and training!

The ininNet Solutions Spider Web-Server offers all functions, such as trend and alarm logging, recipes or scripts, that are needed for a modern web HMI on the PLC.

Spider Web-Server: Order number 7010.1.
Spider HMI Editor for Beckhoff: Development license, the order number 9007.1.

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Spider Web server plus MicroBrowser on the same PLC 

Do you also want to install MicroBrowser directly on the PLC and connect an external monitor via DVI? Or use a panel of the CP series (PLC and LCD in one)?

Then you need a MicroBrowser in addition to the iniNet Solutions Spider web server. Thanks to the low performance footprint of the MicroBrowser, this solution also works on WinCE/WEC7 devices, which often saves an additional panel. In addition to lower costs, the user also benefits from higher reliability, since the same industrial Beckhoff HW is also used for visualization. SpiderControl is the only web visualization on the market that can offer these benefits.
The order number is 7010.1 and 4007.1 (Win CE).