Web Editor

HMI-Design In A Browser

iniNet goes one step further when it comes to Web-HMI design. All you need to develop your Web-HMI is a Web-Browser.

So far, users have designed their Web-HMI with a PC based tool and then copied the generated files to the embedded Web-Server from where they were used. Now, even the design of Web-HMI can be done with a standard HTML5 enabled Web-Browser. No more PC based tools will be necessary, because all the design needed software is integrated in the embedded Web-Server.

What is the impact of this tool in a daily use?

The advantages are obvious: First, also Tablets and Smart-Phones can be used for programming. It doesn't matter which OS you use, because the HTML5 based tool UI runs on Linux, Mac OS or any other platform. Second, because you do not need to install any software on your PC, you will never again have the wrong version. All you need is stored either locally on the embedded system or on a portal server.

A coherent Web-HMI concept for OEM customers

Bring your automation solution to the era of IoT and Industrie 4.0. Edit your HMI directly from your controller or in the cloud. - Fully compatible with all existing SpiderControl Tools - Generates HTML5 and MicroBrowser compatible HMI's. The MicroBrowser will bring compatibility with Low-Cost, industry grade, rock-stable Web-Panels. - Both client and server can run on small embedded systems (not just embedded Linux, but real Single-Chip Micro-Controllers like Cortex M3 or RX) - Can be completely adapted to OEM applications: All UI components and libraries are based on SpiderControl technology and can be maintained and modified using our PC tool-chain. - iniNet delivers the framework - OEM customers can fully integrate into their development tools and systems. Simple functions for beginners, extended libraries for specific applications or devices. This allows for a coherent and effective tool-chain for our customers.

Editing in the Web browser
Editing on a tablet