SpiderControl for OEM cutomers

Greatest cost-savings in web visualization

The solution consists of a complete design flow with a graphics editor, the web servers as well as various run time technologies. Desired components can be licensed for your own OEM product from these building blocks.

Are you a manufacturer of PLC, regulators or drives? SpiderControl is the leading OEM solution for the integration of web technologies. Customization and integration has been tested dozens of times, and is very easy to do. There are existing connections to many PLC run time systems such as CoDeSys, KW Multiprog and ECLR, Infoteam OpenPCS or ISAgraf. Also, integration into proprietary environments, such as C-programmed regulators) can be done with very little effort. Prototypes can usually be produced within one or two workdays.

Benefit from the most powerful tool chain on the market:

  • Graphic tool for programming web browser MMI's (SpiderControl Editor PLC Edition)
  • embedded web server/data server for controls
  • MicroBrowser for local visualization on controls or as a low-cost remote panel
  • OEM Apps for Android and iPhone

SpiderControl is the only product on the market which can be run on the smallest embedded system to a standard PC, such as:

  • the smallest single-chip display system (from 50 kB flash/16 kB RAM, no OS)
  • RTOS-based embedded designs with 16/32 bit microcontrollers
  • Graphic embedded operating systems such as WinCE, Linux, VxWorks, etc.
  • Smartphones from Windows Mobile to iPhone
  • As an applet in every Java-capable standard browser on Win32, Linux, MacIntosh, etc. 
  • As HTML5 in all modern browser clients
    The user benefits from the best cost efficiency in visualization – on two fronts:
  • For software development, because all requirements can be fulfilled with the same tool, and the same HMI's can be reused everywhere.
  • For hardware, because minimum performance requirements make it possible to use the thinnest solutions, and the networkability of the resource architecture can be shifted to the lowest-cost solutions.



Smartphone OEM license model for iPhone/iPad and Android

Customer-specific ZusWeb HMI's such as 'discovery service' or special input elements increase the product's corporate identity. Our fixed price offer for development and maintenance is very attractive, thanks to high standardization of SpiderControl components.

The customer buys a developer license from Apple (about $99/year), chooses a product name for the app, and sends the desired icon to iniNet. iniNet obtains a username and password on the customer's Apple account in order to place the app in the store under the customer's name. iniNet then monitors the app's approval process. The sales price can be determined by the customer.