iniNet is your competent partner for the visualization in building automation and industry. We provide solutions which are directly connected to well-known solutions of the branch or which are integrated into the hardware of important suppliers.On the one hand SpiderControl as an OEM product is implied at the most important suppliers of the branch, on the other hand it is also relevant for those users who directly work with standard products and plan to use SCADA for an increase in eficiency for their products.  The advantage: SCADA often is already integrated into the basis technology which is required at the customer’s side. Based on that, SCADA can be used together with the old technologies smoothly – the user does not have the double amount of work. SCADA guarantees a suitable solution which leads to benefit for all users.

SpiderControl offers a quantum leap in projects and operation in its new SCADA product. Five features which are offered for the first time in a SCAD product make it possible in this combination to improve productivity in engineering.

iniNet revolutionizes web visualization with its SCADA product. The benefits for users is enormous with this new approach: The convergence of PLC Webvisu and SCADA massively simplifies engineering, and importing Webvisu as well as trend and alarm logs from PLC significantly simplifies and automates SCADA projects.

Users also benefit from reduced costs: Training costs are reduced, because only one single tool is used for HMI and SCADA; engineering costs are reduced because SCADA projects are simpler by orders of magnitude.  

This revolutionary approach brought SCADA the Automation Award for 2013 and into the Top Ten.

Read from controls
The new SpiderControl SCADA HMI Editor is able to directly read and convert web visualization directly from controls. The user need only enter the URL of the appropriate HMI project into the PLC, and the tool automatically imports the entire project which is displayed in an overview as thumbnails. Either entire pages can be entered into a SCADA project from this selection, or existing HMI objects can be reused in new pages using copy-paste. The user not only retains existing investments, but also uses it in other projects.

Trend & Alarm Harvesting
The new SCADA can recognize a variety of common formats of alarm and trend displays on PLC, automatically gather these by pushing a button and record these for archiving. All information from the log as well as all the message texts stored on the PLC are automatically transferred to SCADA, which saves additional work.

Convergence of HTML5 and embedded
piderControl HMI's run today as MicroBrowsers as Java applets as well as HTML5 clients, without the programmer needing to make any kind of adjustment to his project. The MicroBrowser offers a new approach as an embedded client for such web visualization: It is interpreted on a higher (semantic) level, so that a virtual machine or a script interpreter in the traditional sense is no longer needed. The Webvisu HMI runs instead on the Microbrowser Engine. The need for storage is thus reduced by an order of magnitude, and the overhead produced by the virtual machine is completely avoided, which also increases speed by several times. The MicroBrowser also uses strictly deterministic storage management, which guarantees solid long-term stability. An HMI engine can be programmed on this basis, which can be transferred to nearly any operating system.