Operator panel on CoDeSys Webvisu v2.X and v3.X

CoDeSys has offered web visualization for several years, as it runs as a Java applet on every standard browser. Performance as well as stability have not to date been satisfactory to many as embedded operating panels.

The SpiderControl MicroBrowser avoids both problems with a completely new solution approach: The WebVisu application is interpreted on a higher (semantic) level, so that a virtual machine or a script interpreter in the traditional sense is no longer needed. It implements an instant translation of WebVisu HMI's into the internal SpiderControl format, so that these can run on very efficient and robust MicroBrowser engines. The need for storage is thus reduced by an order of magnitude, and the overhead produced by the virtual machine is completely avoided, which also increases speed by several times.

The MicroBrowser also uses strictly deterministic storage management, which guarantees solid long-term stability.

Thus for the first time, web panels are available for CoDeSys WebVisu which fulfill all needs: Performance and stability at a low price.

The SpiderControl for CoDeSys Webvisu can be ported to nearly any platform, even small microcontrollers such as the ARM Cortex M3 without an OS. The following platforms are available from sticks:

  • WinXP/Vista/Win7
  • WinCE 5/WinCE6/WEC7
  • (embedded) Linux (no X11 needed)
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android

Please also see MicroBrowser panels