About iniNet and SpiderControl


Mission statement: Web engineering for Industry 4.0

iniNet Solutions GmbH specializes in visualization using web technologies.

This company is a technology in this area with a product portfolio for the convergence of HMI and SCADA. iniNet has been successful in OEM business over the past ten years, and has secured a strong position in this market.

OEM manufacturers who work with SpiderControl provide leading solutions for the integration of web technologies. In addition, users in industry and automation who want to control their software and hardware costs also profit from iniNet solutions.

Innovative solutions with SpiderControl

SpiderControl™ is a complete framework for web control in automation.

Since founding, iniNet has successfully integrated all software components with well-known PLC, control and drive manufacturers in the industry. Based on its widespread market installation and its depth in technology, iniNet offers high-quality web visualization products.

The experience it has gained as a supplier to large PLC manufacturers has given it access to project engineering with its SCADA product. iniNet integrates its highly specialized knowledge into new SCADA products, and has thus become the technology leader for further professionalization in this area.

Users benefit twice from this: Low engineering costs combined with reduced hardware costs.



iniNet is a company that's moving forwards.