System design & series machine tools

Keep production piece costs low – with SpiderControl. The same HMI tools can be used with deep technological integration in engineering - whether the software is installed on a panel, browser or a smartphone.

SpiderControl completely fulfills these requirements.

Only SpiderControl fully supports NanoBrowser clients, such as TFT panels "made in Germany" costing less than 100 euros. This product also replaces switches and lights, so that the cost of wiring, PLC I/O and hardware is very reasonable.
A further benefit: The small panel is more flexible and variable.

Even the MicroBrowser web panels with high resolution have the best price/quality on the market, whether in low-cost hardware or a high-value product.
Modular and automated engineering is provided for HIM and SCADA. The tools are developed to join a large range of modules together quickly. We modularize our software, as the mechanics of a system are modularized today.

SpiderControl servers and clients are available on all platforms (OS, processor, manufacturer). That is why you can choose the hardware that best meets your needs. You can choose freely from the available manufacturers. 

SpiderControl server and clients and their functions can be distributed on the network in order to best use existing hardware. Do you have several controls, panels and subsystems on a system? SpiderControl's network- or web server-oriented architecture permits distributing the HMI server and clients on available hardware at all times so that synergies are exploited to their utmost. 

Technical Details ...

Your benefit:
SpiderControl is available on already every hardware and also based on a very homogen technology. Thus, the user benefits from:

  • the most reasonable hardware with good quality
  • long-term availability
  • investment protection
  • easy maintenance, extendibility and customization for customer's wishes
  • modular and component software
  • modern design