Building automation

On the one hand, SpiderControl’s OEM product is used by the most important manufacturers in the industry. Thus, an optimal integration into the product is guaranteed. On the other, it is useful for users who work directly with standard products and would like to add SCADA to improve their efficiency, e.g. KNX, CoDeSys or BACnet.

Users who project the solution are now able to realize a solution for nearly all products with the same technology basis and to avoid the double amount of work and time. The new SCADA product increases the effort significantly as the existing functions can be reused in the directrix plane additionally.

Through the semantic compatibility SpiderControl is not only compatible to the leading controls and their reports, but also uses and understands those functions and objects on the semantic plane.

The benefit: The HMI of the control is passed on to SCADA and the different displays, so that the implementation effort is manageable.

This is achieved by the semantic compatibility, which characterizes the iniNet software: For the first time the HMIs are compatible with the control plane, and not only with the reports.

Your benefit:
SpiderControl means high compatability to existing systems because of the deep integration at important manufacturers.
This leads to savings in:

  • Engineering costs: Reuse of existing investments and OEM solutions
  • Hardware costs: significant decrease with MicroBrowser Clients
  • Training costs: consistent visualization concept

iniNet provides the following solutions for building automation: Please find them here.